Masters Golf Tournament 2021 | Schedule | Venue | Tickets

You can check the schedule, time table and players detail of Masters Golf 2021. In this article, you will learn How To Watch Masters Golf 2021 Event. The lovers of Golf are increasing and the professional Golfers are busy in the ensuing event. Masters golf 2021 is the first event in the life-time which will be experienced beautifully by the lovers.

Are you preparing yourself for the event or just want information and detail about the event. All the detail is described and mentioned here.

What Is 2021 Masters Golf Tournament?

It is the 84th put iced season of the Masters Golf tournament. It is one of the 4 major championships in 2020.

Master Golf

What Is Masters Golf 2020 Latest Schedule?

The Masters starts in April every year but this time it will be started in November. The date will be around  12-15 November at Augusta. At the Augusta National Golf Club, the main rounds will occur on 12-15 November. The schedule of the next 3 years is here!

  • Masters 2021 Schedule: April 5 to April 11, 2021
  • Masters 2022 Schedule: April 4 to April 10, 2022
  • The Masters 2023 Schedule: April 3 to April 9, 2023

What Is The 2020 Masters Venue?

Like every year this time also the Masters Golf will be played at Augusta National Golf club. This is among the most beautiful scenes of Augusta, Georgia.

How To Get Masters Golf 2020 Tickets?

Masters Golf 2020 Tickets-min

The tickets are call badges at the Augusta National Golf Club and these are very expensive and exclusive for any Golf Lover. There is no doubt that the tickets are very expensive but the experience while will be gained is second go none for any Golf Lover. You can get the tickets by following ways!

3- Win a Lottery

If you are about to win Mega Millions then it doesn’t mean that you will get a ticket of the Masters Golf. A ticket lottery is offered every year which determines the audience. After every event in the year the lottery is announced for the next upcoming event. You must wait until the draw so that you can ensure either you can buy the ticket or not. The draw of Lottery occurs in every July.

If you win the lottery then you have to pay the nominal fee in comparison to the other most major events. In the previous years, the tickets were priced at $75 and a buyer could request 4 tickets. The tickets were also priced at $115 and a buyer could request 2 tickets.

You can know about the lottery here!

  • An only single ticket will be given at the single address.
  • Don’t buy for any relative.
  • The age must be 21 years at least.
  • Applicants can buy for all the event or a single day. But they will be given only a single day.

2- Get Your Patron Badge

By paying $325 you can get access to the whole event for all the days. And if you look for TV the secondary market then you will be required to pay the 4 digits. So don’t miss this opportunity. But there are one issue, you cannot have access to the Patron Badge nowadays.

The Augusta National Golf Club issues a small amount of the badge but after getting the badge you can use it for an entire life. If a person dies then the patron badge will be given to the surviving spouse and no other. If a person dies and he doesn’t have a spouse then the badge will be returned to the tickets pool. The badge will be given to the next on the list.

In 2000 the new names were accepted for the patron badge. If you want this opportunity then you should wait for a long time. It is not a viable option.

1- Buy Masters Golf 2020 Tickets From Secondary Market

It is the most expensive option. If you want any relaxation in this then you must get for the practice round on Monday and Tuesday. Prices vary from year to year and you might get under $1000. Don’t get for Wednesday because on this day the prices are very high and you will be able to watch Par 3 contest which happens in the afternoon.

You can claim a seat on the Amen corner for above $1000. You can also get access to the Sunday winning putt in the same amount. There are some popular travel services which will offer the ticket at normal price. You can get from them too. Try to buy after every homework so that you may get at a lower price. You should try to get from a popular provider if you want to be avoided from any hassle.

A stroll in Augusta’s parking lot will be helpful because someone going may give you the badge. Every ticket allows 2 entries. So if you are fortunate then you may get from a generous man and enjoy at Augusta National Golf club.

How to watch Masters Golf 2021 on Cable TV?

CBN and ESPN are the formal broadcasters of the Masters Tournament. CBS covers the primary event and ESPN will be used for early-round coverage cable TV operator cannot offer ESPN. But you may have CBS. You can contact the cable provider to make sure you have CBS. A virtual antenna and CBS may be used for broadcast.

What channel is displaying the Master’s Golf?

This live streaming will be covered on many channels all over the world. Those living in the United States will choose CBS for the coverage of the Masters Live during the second week. For the United Kingdom, the sky spots channel will fulfil its purpose.

How can you watch the 2021 Masters Golf within the US without Cable Via Official Channels? 

Nowadays, cable has become a fashion and most of people have cable. But those having not to use the TV without cable on the internet. By following ways you can watch Masters without cable.

Those living in the US are fortunate because the Master’s organizers provide the live streaming service for the viewers in the US. Just visit and observe the tournament properly via your browser. Just bear in mind the updates of the browser.


Those like to watch CBS only, for the CBS All Access is the best option for live streaming. This is only from the CBS and costs $6 per month. Having six bucks you will be provided an access to more than 1000 CBS on-demand episodes. There is no contract option in this. CBS all access can work on almost all the modern devices. The service can be cancelled at any time by the subscriber.

Hulu with live TV

You may check the Hulu live streaming if you are its subscriber. By paying extra $32 a month you can add CBS to your Hulu account. On Hulu, the Masters live streaming can be enjoyed without cable.

Sling TV

You can get access to the CBS All-access at just $25 per month. There are 40+ channels are also there. You may try Sling TV for 7days for FREE. There will be no use of a cable.


FuboTV is a subscription TV service that provides access to many TV channels. Fox is related with the regular Fujitivity package and it costs around $45 per month. Although this is available only in certain areas but you can use a VPN to move out from this restriction.


It is a direct service from TV and it is expensive. To let you enjoy yourself, TV now provides seven different packages for the subscribers. There is a range from $50 to $135 per month of the price. There is a list of more than 125 channels. For the top class channels, there is a high price. Primary relevant channels are on low to the average price. $50 is the best plan for 2020 Masters Golf Live streaming. There is a shortcoming it has the hardiest 20 hours of loose DVR. There is also a free trial option.

YouTube TV

It is another great way to watch CBS All Access without cable. It has a lot of good channels including CBS All Access and CBS itself. You can enjoy the Master Golf 2020 live streaming without cable.

Masters Golf 2020 (TV Schedule)

If you want to watch on your TV or mobile and laptops then there are some media which will assist you. They will provide you with video clips and streaming webcasts online. The Master’s Golf will be provided online till November 12-15 at Augusta National Golf Club. You can watch on CBS and the live coverage will be provided online ESPN.

Round 1 November 12 3pm – 7:30pm ESPN
Round 2 November 13 3pm – 7:30pm ESPN
Round 3 November 14 3pm – 7pm CBS
Round 4 November 15 2pm – 7pm CBS

Masters Golf 2020 Live Stream on Social Media?

With social media, you can get access to the Masters Golf 2020 live streaming. On social media, you don’t need to pay for anything. It is considered a loose way to look at the Masters Online Streaming. A compatible device and a faster network are necessary for streaming.


Facebook has updated itself. You can watch broadcast on it. Just go for exclusive facebook options and search for streaming links. With the pages or the brand new Facebook watch feature, you can watch the live streaming. It will be free of cost. You just need to get the best hyperlinks and enjoy the good connection for streaming.


Twitter is another platform for the broadcast. There will be many horse racing streaming links by the people who are interested in the streaming. You just need to check out the best link and then enjoy yourself. By making the buddies on the Twitter you can get the links and then go-ahead for the broadcast.


It is at the top of the list from social media. You don’t need to pay for any streaming. A quick net connection and a Reddit account are necessary for broadcast. Then go for the subreddit section and find the Master’s Golf 2020 streaming hyperlinks. In sub-edits you can search for the best hyperlinks. Also, check out all the links for the live streaming. After doing various tests, in the end, you will get a successful link for live streaming.

 Watch the 2021 US Masters in Australia for FREE!

In Australia, there is a free-to-air television with the Nine Network’s Gem Channel. A pair of two Aussies can get going at 4.30 am Sunday morning AEST.

Watch Masters Golf 2021 in Canada

CTV/TSN is an official channel for the 2021 Masters Tournament and the CTV Go app will provide you with the live streaming. It will provide you with the live coverage from every round at Augusta.

Masters Golf 2021 

If you are interested in the event in the US then visit and just click on the Watch tab. The coverage will be online. It will not provide you with the coverage of the whole event. Only some footages will be provided online. There can be some interviews and highlights which will extend you. You will enjoy a lot.

There are some geo-restrictions and you will not access this if you are not from the US. Only the US inhabitants will be given access. But you can get some reliable VPN and get access to this. The US residents can watch live on CBS and ESPN. Those living in Australia can watch through Nine networks. Those living in the UK will watch through BBC UK. Only last some rounds will be provided.

How To See Masters Golf In The US?

CBS and ESPN will provide online in the US. There will be some early rounds as well as Par three contest will be online through ESPN. The CBS will provide the third and fourth round. Your IP address must be from the US if you want access to these above-mentioned stations. If you are not from the US then you can get access by using VPN. Please select the US server location in the setting.

These are not available options because there are some TV streaming options in the US. These will provide free trials. Through these free trials, you will feel the same experience as you watch live. The streaming options include:

  • Hulu with Live TV: It includes Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC webcast options at $40/month.
  • PlayStation Vue: If you’re a PS4 owner, it will give you access to everything like ESPN, Fox, NBC, Disney and various other popular networks. If you’re ready to spend some bucks, you can also get access to HBO and Showtime as well. The subscription comes at $45/month.
  • Fubo TV: you can get access for free in the first month just for $35. The price will be higher in the next month which Is up-to $45. It includes NBC, Fox, NFL Network and CBS. You won’t get access to ESPN through FuboTV subscription.
  • DirecTV Now: A subscription to DirecTV Now will give you access to CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN for $50/month. For an additional $5, access to NFL Network will also be provided.
  • YouTube TV: The YouTube TV subscription is available for $40/month. With this subscription, you can access CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN.

Free Masters Golf 2020 UK Without Commercials

BBC Two will show the last couple of rounds of the Masters Golf event on Saturday and Sunday in the UK. The coverage will be great for commercials and you will get an amazing experience. There is also a big-budget from Sky Sports Golf. If you are not interested in this then you can go with Now TV for the upcoming event. It will cost you $8.99 for the full day coverage.

If you are not from the UK then you can try with a VPN. You can get access to the for the webcast. This will also include BBC Two. So the experience will be wonderful.

See Masters 2021 Golf In Australia 

If you live in Australia then you can enjoy the Masters Golf event free. The Gen channel of Nine Network is a free channel which will provide you with the live coverage. Kayo Sports services can be subscribed which don’t have any lock-in contracts and will provide you with access to more than 50 sports including NRL, F1, FA Cup Football, etc. They are working with additional cameras to provide lovers with an amazing experience. So, if you want to watch the event then this is the best available option.

Kayo Sports will cost you $25 per month and provides access to several devices. There is also a premium available which cost $35 per month. This will give access to the 3 concurrent devices. If you are not from Australia then you need a VPN to perform this action and watch them entire Masters 2020 Golf.

Sky Sports to provide the coverage will provide only the highlights. Sky Sports aired the Masters Golf back in 2011 and it is the first channel which aired the 4-day match. BBC provide coverage only of the 3rd and 4th rounds. Now Sky Sports has gained the rights to secure the live match. BBC has left with the rights. Now since 1955, BBC is not airing the Masters Golf 2020.

Sky Sports will bring the live-action after securing the exclusive rights of the media. It is the only media which can air the live-action. The open championship will be aired by Sky Sports only for the next 5 years.

Those who want to watch the event on TV will have many options. There will be several available options for them. There are several TV channels which will air the event in several parts of the world. Sky Sports Golf is one of the most desired stations which will air the event Masters Golf 2020. This channel has exclusive rights for broadcasting. Different other channels will cooperate with Sky Sports to bring live coverage. Hulu TV, Fubo TV, Sling TV are the channels which will bring the live coverage.

Masters Golf 2021 Tips

If you want to go to the Masters Golf for the first time then remember some tips. These tips are very feasible which will provide you with a worth experience. These tips are learnt over a long period of time and will enhance your exposure to the event. Let’s have a look!

  • Buy a collapsible chair and bring it with you to the event. You must be sure that you have booked your desired seat. Some seat places are very desirable and they are occupied very fast. So, you need to act fast. These seats include Amen corner, top of the hole 16, grandstand at the hole 15, and halfway down the hole 13. These places are very enjoyable. Just pick any one of them and enjoy them.
  • You should carefully plan the souvenir. If you buy too early then you have to keep it with you throughout the whole event. And if you buy late then you will be worried. So it’s the best option that you should buy at the start and at the close of the day event.
  • There is no doubt that you cannot bring any camera or phone to the event. But you will be pictured at the event. There is a picture line close to the 1st hole and at this, your picture will be taken by the club with Masters logo, magnolias, or the clubhouse forming the wonderful background.
  • You should be very careful about the food options available. The pimento cheese sandwiches make the event worth watching. This will add a wonderful taste to your exposure. The cost is only $1.50.

What’s The Best Day For Attending The Masters 2021?

You will be able to attend the event on any day. The day you choose depends on your preferences.

  • The party 3 contest is on Wednesday. This day you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. You will be blessed to take some pictures on this day.
  • On Thursday or Friday, you will be able to watch all Golfers in the field.
  • On Sunday, the patrons will also watch the grand finale. This is the day when the most exciting g event takes place throughout the course.

Who Features In The Masters Golf 2021?

After the completion of the second round on Friday, the players in the top 50 will move on. A golfer who is just 10 strokes apart from the leader will also make Ghent cut as well.

Tips For Masters 2021 Practice

The practise rounds are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The below-given tips will enhance your experience of the event.

  • You can bring your camera. This is a practice round. Although you are not able to have any luxuries with you you can have a camera. In-camera you can record the whole event. If you want to capture the whole event then you should visit the Augusta National club, when the Masters Golf will take place.
  • There is no doubt that you can capture the whole event through the camera but you cannot rely on your smartphone. Because phones are not allowed. You should bring a separate camera with you because the rules are followed strictly. So don’t take this thing for granted.
  • If your group decided to be divided then you must decide when and where you will meet. Because the whole event is busy and thronged and mobile phones are also not allowed so you should be decided. Don’t take this thing for granted because the communication might be a challenge.
  • If you want shopping then you should shop as early as the official merchandise from the masters is available. If you don’t outage early then you might miss the thing which you desired first.

Who is Will Defending The Title At Masters 2021?

The legendary Tiger Woods is a defending title in 2019 and it will be available this year.

Masters 2021 Golf Merchandise Shopping Tips

Merchandise shopping is the best option available at the National Augusta club. You can buy officially at the Augusta National club when the masters week is going on.  All want to buy merchandise at the masters and the question is what and when you should buy. There is no doubt that you will be carrying a long list of things from you family and friends. But you should be very careful about the decision of the list. Just prioritize the things in a beautiful manner.

You should buy things as early as possible because the best things sell out quickly. But you cannot carry the things with you throughout the day as you stroll through the throng. The check stand is also available at the Augusta National club and you can have access to the UPS and Federal Express Shipping centres which will be available to the close exit of the merchandise centres. So it is a great idea that you should ship your luggage home and you have no need to carry the whole day. The other option is that you can buy things at the close of the day.

Masters Golf 2021 Field

When the idea of Master Golf field comes then you should be vigilant that it is the smallest among the four major championships. It is an official invitation golf event. There is a criterion which will determine who will be the part of the tournament’s field. Every player selected into the first most category and the other categories are mentioned in the parentheses. The dates are also mentioned in the Italics. The selection of the golfers on the basis of amateur tournaments performance shows that the players must remain amateur throughout the whole event.

Masters Field 2021

Janewattananond, Hadwin and some others have increased the Master’s field to more than 88 participants. In this, the players are compared and the Tiger Woods came as victorious last year. Below we are providing you with the complete list of the players who are going to Augusta National this year. Some players are qualified in the several categories are listed in the first category.

Former Masters Champions who are expected to compete:

  • Angel Cabrera
  • Sergio Garcia
  • Fred Couples
  • Trevor Immelman
  • Bernhard Langer
  • Zach Johnson
  • Sandy Lyle
  • Larry Mize
  • Phil Mickelson
  • Jose Maria Olazabal
  • Charl Schwartzel
  • Patrick Reed
  • Adam Scott
  • Jordan Spieth
  • Vijay Singh
  • Bubba Watson
  • Mike Weir
  • Tiger Woods
  • Danny Willett

US Open Champions from last 5 years:

  • Brooks Koepka
  • Dustin Johnson
  • Gary Woodland

Open Champions from last 5 years:

  • Francesco Molinari
  • Henrik Stenson
  • Shane Lowry

PGA Champions from last 5 years:

  • Jimmy Walker
  • Jason Day
  • Justin Thomas

Players Champions from last 3 years:

  • Rory McIlroy
  • Si Woo Kim
  • Webb Simpson

Current US Amateur Champion & Runner-up:

  • Andy Ogletree (a)
  • John Augenstein (a)

Current Asia-Pacific Amateur Champion:

  • Yuxin Lin (a)

Current British Amateur Champion:

  • James Sugrue (a)

Current US Mid-Amateur Champion:

  • Lukas Michel (a)

First 12 players at the 2019 Masters including ties:

  • Patrick Cantlay
  • Rickie Fowler
  • Tony Finau
  • Justin Harding
  • Ian Poulter
  • Matt Kuchar
  • Xander Schauffele
  • Jon Rahm

First 4 players at the US Open 2019 including ties:

  • Chez Reavie
  • Justin Rose

First 4 players at 2019 Open including ties:

  • Tommy Fleetwood
  • Lee Westwood

First 4 players at 2019 PGA Championship including ties:

  • Matt Wallace

Winners of the full point PGA Tour events after last year’s Masters:

  • Cameron Champ
  • Dylan Frittelli
  • Tyler Duncan
  • Lanto Griffin
  • Sung Kang
  • Max Homa
  • Nate Lashley
  • Kevin Na
  • Sebastian Munoz
  • Joaquin Niemann
  • Poston
  • Pan
  • Matthew Wolff
  • Brendon Todd

Qualifiers for Tour Championship 2019:

  • Hideki Matsuyama
  • Marc Leishman
  • Brandt Snedeker
  • Louis Oosthuizen
  • Paul Casey
  • Abraham Ancer
  • Corey Conners
  • Lucas Glover
  • Bryson DeChambeau
  • Charles Howell III
  • Kevin Kisner
  • Sungjae Im
  • Jason Kokrak

Top 50 players in the Official World Golf Rankings 2019:

  • Shugo Imahira
  • Victor Perez
  • Erik van Rooyen
  • Andrew Putnam
  • Bernd Wiesberger
  • Rafa Cabrera-Bello
  • Byeong-Hun An
  • Matthew Fitzpatrick
  • Tyrrell Hatton
  • Adam Hadwin
  • Billy Horschel
  • Jazz Janewattananond

Tips To Get Masters Golf 2021 Custom Packages

It is very true that when you want to watch Masters Golf 2021 then you would like to have wonderful packages. One package cannot fulfil the needs of everyone. You must prioritize your desires regarding Masters Golf. Here we describe some amazing packages which will be helpful for you. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Package

With this package, you can spend the whole week of the event. You will be provided all the luxuries. When you enter your private room then you wouldn’t miss home. Because all the needs will be fulfilled by the services. There will be a driver for you to move to pick you from the hotel and the Augusta National Golf club.

Just enjoy your days at the practice rounds and pictured yourself during the course. During the entire event, you can have access to all luxuries. You may have a person who will assist you during the whole event. He will advise you how to enjoy and where to find etc.

If you want to make this event a memorable and wonderful experience, you should use your skills and enjoy at the Augusta National club.

Close To Golf Course

When we talk about the hotels then there are limited options. You may like to live in Sheraton, which is among the most popular residencies. Here you may have access to great shops, restaurants and Augusta National club. There will be hosts who will guide you through the course and you will be able to get answers to some queries during the course.

There will be some sports specialists who will guide you for the perfect fit which will increase the experience. The fit will be regarding practice and tournament rounds. To have hospitality at your service is a good idea which will enhance the wonderful experience of Masters Golf 2020.

Experience The Golf Resort

You will not be able to find the wonderful properties and residences but you will have an access to the good residence. The residence is only 75 km away from the Augusta National club. Ritz-Carlton Reynolds is present on the Lake Ocone and there is some amazing scenery.

There are five luxury championship golf course are also available. You will enjoy the best experience as like the Master’s golf 2020. You will be offering a wonderful golfing vacation at a beautiful resort. The travel will also be available which will enhance the wonderful experience and some extras will be added.

Masters Golf 2021 FAQs

Masters Golf 2021 FAQs

Here below we are going to answers to some queries. We hope that some queries are arising in your mind. You just read this and clear your queries.

Who will be playing at the Masters 2021?

The final list of the masters is not announced yet. There will be multiple players from several categories. The winners if the past gears will be there. Some winners of the World’s major golf club will be there. The amateur champions will be able to play the Masters Golf 2021.

What is the prize money for winning the Masters Golf 2021 event?

The winner of the Masters Golf will get an iconic green-coloured jacket along with a purse. The prize money was $2.07million last year. Last year three players tied at the second place and they earned $858667 each.

How Can I take autographs at the Masters Golf 2020?

Autographs can be taken on the Party 3 contest and the practice rounds. On Wednesday, there is a Pearl 3 contest where you can request for the autographs. Most of the times there are strict restrictions and you cannot take pictures.

Will Masters Golf 2021 have a Champions Dinner?

The answer to this question is, Yes. This is a tradition from the last several years. There will be certain sponsors who spend on the event. The dinner’s second name is the Masters Club Dinner. The question of the menu answered by the winners who are also the hosts of the event. The dinner is organized at the Augusta National Golf club.

What are the weather conditions like in Augusta National Club US when Masters Golf 2021 will happen?

The weather is very pleasant because the event takes place in April. Most of the highs are around 60s. You will enjoy a lot because this is April.

Where you can have a better experience while watching the Masters Golf 2021 at Augusta National Club US?

There are several amazing places where you will enjoy the watching of the event. But the main pint is that the choice depends on the audience. The spots are very good and you can also select from the below given:

  • Amen corner
  • Top of the hole 16
  • Halfway down 13
  • Grandstand at 15

Can I take pictures at the Augusta National?

We have already discussed that the patrons are not allowed to capture the pictures of the Master Golf 2020 yet the practice rounds are exceptional. It simply means that you can take pictures at the Augusta National Golf club. The picture line is close to the hole 1 and your picture will be taken by the clubhouse, magnolias, and the masters logo making the background. After taking your picture you will be given a small-sized plastic card through which you can retrieve your picture online.


We are hopeful that you will like our description of the Masters Golf 2020. Are you ready?  Just read and have some idea about the event. You should enjoy the premium event this year. All the detail about the autographs and pictured described clearly. The description of the Masters and the places of enjoyment is also vividly narrated. Let’s enjoy this big and amazing international event: Masters Golf 2020.